Zoning By-Laws

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The following are the Zoning By-Laws for the Municipality of Roblin:

Below are "cheat sheets" to find your property setbacks etc. in the different Zoning By-Laws.  For example if you checked the map and determined you need to look in a RS zone in the Town of Roblin Zoning By-Law, go to the By-Law link above and scroll down to page 101, section 49.  If you checked the map and determined you are in a RECG zone in the former RM of Shell River, go to the Former RM of Shell River Zoning By-Law link above scroll down to page 126, section 58.

Town of Roblin Zoning By-Law: Zones, Page #s and Sections

RS Zone--Pg.101--Sec.49
CC Zone--Pg.109--Sec.56PR Zone--Pg.118--Sec.62
RT Zone--Pg.102--Sec.50
CH Zone--Pg.111--Sec.57I Zone--Pg.119--Sec.63
RM Zone--Pg.103--Sec.51

CR Zone--Pg.120--Sec.65
MHR Zone--Pg.107--Sec. 53
MB Zone--Pg.114---Sec.59

RR Zone--Pg.108--Sec.54
MG Zone--Pg.116--Sec.60

Former RM of  Shell River By-Law Zones, Page #s and Sections

GD Zone--Pg.113--Sec.53RG Zone--Pg.121--Sec.56CH Zone--Pg.130--Sec.60
AL Zone--Pg. 118--Sec.55RR Zone--Pg.124--Sec.57MG Zone--Pg.132--Sec.61

RECG Zone--Pg.126--Sec.58NE Zone--Pg.134--Sec.62

RECR Zone--Pg.128--Sec.59NEL Zone--Pg.135--Sec.63
Former RM of Hillsburg By-Law   Zones, Page #s and Sections

AG Zone--Pg.84--Sec.47