Water & Sewer

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Rates, Fees & Services Charges – Municipality of Roblin

Urban Residents with a utility connection are billed for the water & sewer services they use in a quarterly period. These rates are approved both by the Council of the Municipality of Roblin as well as the Public Utilities Board of Manitoba.


Utility Rates

The following rates are in effect as of January 1st, 2024, unless otherwise noted:


First 115 Cubic Meters (Domestic)                            $2.35
Next 1,000 Cubic Meters (Intermediate)                  $2.24
Over 1,115 Cubic Meters (Wholesale)                      $2.14


First 115 Cubic Meters (Domestic)                            $1.16
Next 1,000 Cubic Meters (Intermediate)                  $1.16
Over 1,115 Cubic Meters (Wholesale)                      $1.16

Service Charge

Per Billing Quarter                                                       $25.16

Rate Rider

Per Cubic Meters of Water Sold                                 $0.58

Quarterly Minimum Billing

Dependent upon the size of meter you have, you automatically will be billed for a set amount of Cubic Meters of water (“Minimum Charge”) using the Utility Rates. If you use more than what is included, you will be billed based on the consumption; if you use less, you will only be billed the included amount.

5/8” Meter                                                                         15 Units
3/4” Meter                                                                         30 Units
1 “ Meter                                                                            60 Units
1 ½” Meter                                                                        150 Units
2 “ Meter                                                                           375 Units
3” Meter                                                                           675 Units

Explanation of Charges

Water Rate

The water charge is based on what goes through your water meter. This covers the cost of the gathering of water, treatment of water, disbursement of water.

Sewer Rate

The sewage rate is based on the usage of your water as most water returns into the sewer. The revenue of the charges on the billing is to cover the cost of the environmental regulations of disposal. 

Customer Service Charge

The Service charge covers expenses such as printing bills, postage, collections, & maintenance.

Rate Rider Rate

The Rate Rider charge is to recover the deficit incurred from the operation of the Roblin Water Plant. The Municipality did not raise rates for an extended duration of time and the cost of treatment, disbursement and gathering of water only increased. This deficit recovery charge is in effect until 2028.

Other Charges

The Municipality charges for extraordinary services other than water, sewer, service, and rate rider charges. These rates are approved by Council and the Public Utilities Board.

Penalty Charges

Penalty for nonpayment of accounts are billed at 1.25% per month on the FIRST of each month.

Reconnection Fee

To reconnect water services to a residence or commercial building, the Municipality charges $40.00.

Hydrant Charges

The use of a hydrant (*requires approval) will cost $200 per use of the hydrant.

Water Meters

All new residential customers for water and wastewater will be charged a turn on service fee of $40.

Rechecking of Meters

The Municipality charges $10.00 for the rechecking of a reading if the reading is found to be read correctly the first time.

Understanding Your Bill / Changes

The Basics

The Municipality of Roblin’s Utility Bills are sent out the quarterly following the end of a quarter.

  • January through March                    Billed in April
  • April to June                                       Billed in July
  • July to September                             Billed in October
  • October to December                      Billed in January

We capture meter readings via RF frequency and do not have to enter your home and you do not have to submit readings. Sometimes however, we’re unable to capture a reading. In a situation such as this, we will attempt to notify the homeowner and/or renter to submit a reading and someone from Public Works will repair and/or replace the meter. If we’re unable to contact the resident, we will be forced to estimate a reading.

I want my bill emailed to me

Sure thing! The Municipality of Roblin offers emailed billings. To register please go to our website located here: https://www.justinter.net/ebill/ebill.asp?WCI=Login&c=4679 and register for eBilling.

I am moving out or into a residence

If you’re moving in and/or out of a residence, you must report the utility change to the Municipal Office by calling 204-937-8333 ext. 228 or emailing Utility@Roblin.ca. The Municipality is not responsible for transferring utility bills to new owners and/or customers without being properly notified. Please report the change BEFORE you move in and/or out of a residence. 

NOTE FOR LANDLORDS:   If you or your tenant do not report a utility change, we will automatically put the name in your name. If you receive a bill which should’ve been in your tenants name, please submit a written request either by mail or email to (utility@roblin.ca) requesting the charges be transferred to who, their contact information and why.

I received a higher-than-normal bill

Often, the reason for a higher-than-normal billing is due to the consumption of water and not a misread and/or a damaged meter. Typically, when a meter is damaged or not working, it will not send a reading or continue to read at all. What we suggest is look for typical culprits of water consumption such as toilets or leaking faucets. Just because you can’t see or hear a leak, doesn’t mean it is not present.

A small leak can impact your bill significantly. Below is a chart outlining what it would cost for a leak:

Leak size - equivalent to openings of:

1/16 inch

1/8 Inch

1/4 Inch


Cubic Meters Per day

1 Cubic Meter = 1,000 Liters




Cost per day* (2023 Rates)




* Note: Rounded to the Nearest Whole Number

Source: City of Winnipeg, MyUtility – Water and Waste Department

Checking for a leak is very easy and inexpensive:

1. Ensure no water is intentionally running throughout the building at all.

2. Check your water meter which is most times located in your basement closest to the street. If the triangle in the meter is moving at all, water is moving through the meter.

For Toilets:

a. Put food dye in all the toilet reservoirs, if the dye makes it to the bowl without flushing, it is the toilet that is leaking.

What is an average usage of water?

The usage of water varies based on household, size of household and a lot of other factors. Below is a rough typical usage of water for households. These numbers may not be accurate to your exact household utility requirements.

Household Size


1  Person

15 cubic metres (m3) / 15,000 litres

2  People

30 cubic metres (m3) / 30,000 litres

3  People

35 cubic metres (m3) / 35,000 litres

4  People

50 cubic metres (m3) / 50,000 litres

5  People

60 cubic metres (m3) / 60,000 litres

Source: City of Winnipeg, MyUtility – Water and Waste Department

How can I pay

We accept many forms of payments! Mail in a cheque (can be postdated), send an e-transfer (cao@roblin.ca), bank payment (Roblin Municipality), on our website (www.roblinmanitoba.com), or stop by and pay with debit, cash or cheque!

What if I have questions?

For any questions, feel free to call us at 204-937-8333 ext. 228 during regular hours or for AFTER HOUR EMERGENCIES call 204-937-7062. Prefer email? Send us an email at utility@roblin.ca

Phone: 1-866-756-7642

Toll-free: 1-800-465-3816

Before any excavation deeper than 15 cm, call 1-800-940-3447 for a line location request or go online to Click Before You Dig

If you are planning on drilling a well, contact 204-945-6959 for permitting information.

The Municipality of Roblin is not responsible for problems with the street lights. Electricity and gas are supplied by Manitoba Hydro and they are the ones to contact. If you notice a street light that has problems report the problem directly to Manitoba Hydro.

Phone: 1-888-624-9376

If you are in the rural area and require information in regards to septic tank, septic field etc. installation, contact the local Environmental Officer at 204-648-4652.