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What is a Zone?

The Municipality of Roblin has many different zones to ensure the right type of development is located in the right area.  Residential Areas are designed to meet residential developments in regards to what is allowed and what is not allowed to ensure people can enjoy their neighborhood without worrying about an industry moving in next door.

What is a Permitted Use?

Permitted Use is an allowable use in that particular zone.   

What is a Conditional Use?

A Conditional Use is those uses of land, buildings or structures which may be permitted in a particular Zoning District, but only at the discretion of Council in accordance with the Act.

What are Setbacks? How do I know what my setbacks are?

Setback means the distance that a development or a specified portion of it must be set back from a lot line or property line.  The Zoning By-Law has setback requirements for each zone.

Once you check out the maps below, find out what zone you are in and go to the Zoning By-Law of the corresponding former Municipality.

What Zone is my property in?

The Municipality has a number of different Zones as per their Zoning By-Laws.  The following are maps that show what zones are throughout the Municipality: