The Life & Art Centre was established in 2005 when the congregation  of the Knox United  Church gifted the Life & Art  Centre Corporation with the old church building and land at 106 Third Avenue North in Roblin, Manitoba.  The Life & Art Centre Board members and dedicated volunteers worked hard to  meet building codes required for an occupancy permit. The first event, a play  entitled "Separate Beds" was held on Saturday, November 19, 2005.  Our ventures into the entertainment business  have included our in-house choir that has showcased our local talent on a  number of occasions, a literary reading, and other plays. Our facility is home  to the Roblin Dance Club and is used for community meetings, The Roblin  Writer’s Group, scrapbooking classes, private functions and conferences.

The building that contains the Life & Art Centre was  built in 1908 and used until 2005 as the Knox United   Church. Prior to the church being constructed the congregation met at the CNR freight shed and an  upstairs room in Newton’s  Hall for services.

Members of the congregation hauled in about 100 loads of  stones for the foundation. The building was constructed in 1908 and was ready  for the first service in July 1909. When the building was completed it was  reported to be one of the finest in the Province.

There is a parallel between the beginning of the Knox United   Church and the Life &  Art Centre.  A need for a building to  house the United Church congregation was fulfilled  through hard work and determination by the pioneers of the Roblin area.  The spiritual needs of the congregation were  nurtured and in turn the members supported the town and surrounding area in  many ways. The Life & Art Centre building is being renovated by generous,  hard working volunteers. This building will house a new congregation; audiences,  actors, musicians and dancers. Roblin and district will be spirited with  culture and art.