Bug Chucker Cup Lake Maps

Many annual visitors know that the best times to fly fish our lakes is spring and fall. What many others don't know is that our aerated trophy trout lakes are open to fishing 365 days a year and consistently produce great catches during the mornings and evenings all summer and winter long. Here are the Bug Chucker Cup tournament lakes. See more lake maps.

West Goose Lake Map

West Goose Lake is an excellent producer of master rainbows and browns, and as a well kept secret, West Goose has quickly become a Parkland ace card for those in know. It's an awesome lake to fish for trophy trout when the pressure's on Twin and Patterson. In 2016, West Goose produced 123 recorded masters in 40 acres of water compared to Patterson's 616 masters in 350 acres and Twin's 157 masters in 101 acres. Back tracking annual Manitoba Master Angler records, it's been this way since 2013. Mathematically, West Goose means you won't be disappointed even if the moon's pulling funny.

From Hwy 83, turn west on Goose Lake Dr. until you hit the stop at Hospital St., then turn south and the parking lot is just a bit on the left. You'll have no problem getting a big boat in, but the launch was designed for lighter boats, and even though there have been upgrades to better accommodate bigger boats, you may have fun getting a 20ft deep V out after the guy before you made it look easy.

The lake is almost completely sheltered and provides good reprieve from prairies winds. There is a walking trail along the south side accessible from the parking lot and off Hwy 83 with many great shoreline fishing spots. Some of the spots along the trail provide vantage points where you can see big browns hunting the shoreline and charging after snacks. West Goose Lake has plenty of natural forage which makes the trout heavy and healthy, yet they seem to smash on almost anything artificial you can throw at them.

East Goose Lake Map

East Goose Lake has been an established Parkland trophy trout fishery for over 20 years. Throughout its time, East Goose Lake has undergone a few ups and downs with regards to trophy trout productivity and is on the cusp of an upswing. For the past few years, East Goose has been home to a small community of very large walleye, some of which sizes are hard to image if you know the small lake, and a large community of small perch. Having a voracious appetite for fingerling trout, the walleye have been served an eviction notice and those that do not complying are being forcibly removed.  

In conjunction with new fingerling stock of rainbows and browns, the perch numbers have been drastically reduced to the point of nearly non-existent and Fisheries has supplied East Goose Lake with over 250  18+” brood browns in the last two years as part of an East Goose Lake trophy trout re-habilitation plan. Not many people are aware of East Goose being in an upswing from these efforts, but those who do fish it for trout, whether from off the docks or from a boat, are usually pleased with results.  

From Hwy 83, turn east onto Goose Lake Dr., you’ll see the parking lot on your right. You'll have no problem launching and removing a big boat.  The lake has sheltered spots which can provide decent reprieve on a windy day. There is a foot path from the launch area along the campground’s shoreline and south down the west side along the highway.  East Goose has 3 big docks which all seem to produce great catches of browns during the late afternoon and evening feed.

Persse Lake Map

Persse Lake is part of the Trout Triangle bordering Duck Mountain Provincial Forest and has been an established Parkland trophy trout fishery for over 4 years. Stocked with brooks and browns, it has an awesome forage base that the browns have easily conquered to the point of which they dominate.  Persse has a great diversity of exciting structure and Master Angler records which indicate it has matured nicely in recent years. Many visitors seeking refuge from the pressures on Twin and Patterson find happiness at Persse… and are content to be quiet about it.

From Hwy 83 turn east onto Tees Lake Rd., it’s only a short distance to the Trout Triangle junction at road 173N where you’ll turn east again. About a mile, you’ll see Persse on the north before you see the sign for the access road.   

Bordered by rolling hills and a tall forest line, Persse offers great shelter from winds that might be blowing you around somewhere else. The launch and parking is great, and the grass area offers a couple picnic tables as well as an outhouse. In addition to consistent results off of Persse’s dock, walking along the shore is optional and lets you sample some of the awesome structure without going far.

Twin Lakes Map 

On the border of Duck Mountain Provincial Forest, Twin Lakes reigns as Manitoba’s leading trophy tiger trout producer since 2012. The lure of the tiger trout’s rich and impressive pattern and the success of repeatedly hooking a trophy caused visitors to blaze a trail and mark a record year in 2014 with 179 masters. Not being far behind, 2015 provided Manitoba’s provincial record, a very deserving 28”giant on a fly rod during the Bug Chucker Cup.

Twin Lakes’ claim as Manitoba’s most productive trophy tiger trout lake is a result of good forage, healthy water, and visitors who respect the artificial lures and catch and release regulations put in place to provide shelter against a year-round pounding from professionals and amateurs tossing all styles of lines.

From Hwy 83 turn east onto Tees Lake Rd. and continue about a ½ mile past the Trout Triangle junction at road 173N until you see Twin Lakes sign and access road your left.  

The parking lot can get a bit tight at times but the launch is good and there is room for more than one on the dock. Picnic tables and an outhouse provide welcomed relief for day long visitors and there is a short footpath north past the pump house along the shore of a bank that consistently pays out.

Tees Lake Map

Tees Lake piloted Parkland’s first micro-bubble aeration system and debuted as Parkland’s newest brown trout fishery when it was stocked with 200 18+” browns in the spring of 2016. Tees Lake completes the Trout Triangle and as the pressure rises at Twin and Persse, is going to be welcomed relief for both the areas trout and visitors.  The lake has an abundance of forage, some decent variations of depth and provides ample space to accommodate large populations of trophies as well as those seeking their rewards.

From Hwy 83 turn east onto Tees Lake Rd. and then east again at the Trout Triangle junction at road 173N. About a mile you’ll see Tees on the south across from Persse before you see the sign for the access road.

Tees Lake infrastructure is still being developed and has plans for a campground. The launch is steep and the parking lot’s gravel still needs a bit of time to settle. The washroom is backwoods fancy and the holding tank offers a dump for campers.