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We have access to information from different Provincial and Federal organizations, but what is OUR community doing to address COVID-19?

Please see the Community Impact Statement issued March 18, 2020 by the Municipality of Roblin in regards to what they are doing to help deal with this pandemic.

The local RCMP detachment has also issued a public notice in regards to COVID-19.

Because the local Co-Op grocery store has extended their shopping hours to include and hour from 8-9 am for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, the Roblin Handi-Van has also changed their hours.  Check out their information here.

Also a reminder from the Municipality of Roblin to only flush toilet paper into the sewer system.  Although some wipes may claim they are "flushable", they should not be flushed down the toilet as they can cause problems.  Please see the MOR's full statement here.